Thursday, 16 October 2014

Camping in Wales

During the Easter holidays earlier this year, Jake and I decided to take a short break to Wales. Other than Australia the summer before, this was our first 'abroad' holiday. It was perfect. We had an amazing view with a lovely beach and amazing blue lagoon just a walk away. I really do miss waking up to the beautiful sunrise against the spectacular hills facing he campsite! 
We were there for three days and two nights which was just perfect -not too long but long enough to see everything. The first day was spent exploring what Wales had to offer. We went into the local village on a hunt for a camping shop as we didn't have the extension cord we needed for the electricity. On the way back, we found ourselves on the local beach. It was gorgeous. We could just make out our tent upon the hills facing us.
We were awoken early the next morning by the sunlight shining through and the sound of birds singing along. As we got out the tent, thinking it was just going to be an average cold day in England, we were pleasently surprised with an amazing view. The sun was rising beautifully right behind the hills looking down at us. It was breath-taking. 
The second day was spent driving around to see what we could find. We drove as far as we could one way before returning to the local village we had visited the day before. We were pointed in the right direction and soon found ourselves exploring through the hills in search for the blue lagoon. 
The remainder of the day was spent chilling at the campsite. We had got a bat and ball set from the local shops that occupied us for most of the afternoon. The sun soon came out and it got too warm to be playing games so we climbed as high up as we could and enjoyed the view until dusk. It was so peaceful up there. 
We woke up early again the next morning expecting another beautiful sunrise, however we were highly disappointed. We had planned to spend the whole day on the beach but instead of a great view, we were greeted by a sky full of mist and low clouds covering the hills that once looked over the campsite. Instead we decided to make an early start at our long journey home. Although cut short, this was still one of my favourite get-aways. It truly was perfect.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Through the lens | Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Jake's mum had returned to England for a short break around Easter time this year, so of course, we had to have a family outing! We travelled up to Scunthorpe to meet up with Jake's elder sister, nephew and mum along with his brother, Jordi, and his girlfriend, Lucy.
We decided to visit the local wildlife park (a small zoo) to introduce Archie to all the different animals -his favourite was the giraffe. This was my first proper attempt at using my new camera, and I was so pleased with the results! 

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Through the lens | Sydney

So as you may know, my boyfriend, Jake, is currently living in Briabane, Australia and this weekend he has travelled up to Sysney to see what it has to offer. Here are a few snaps he took while exploring.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Star crossed lovers | Our first date

Natalie and I travelled into town for a meal before meeting up with Jake, ready to go ice skating. All I can remember was being so nervous! We were sat talking about how we thought it'd go and whether I actually had a chance with this guy ...I mean, he could have had any girl he wanted. And I'm sure there were plenty of girls that wouldn't mind him choosing them. I was so lucky, but this was pressure that I could do without, all I was thinking was: "what if he thinks I'm ugly?", "what if he doesn't actually like me?", "what if my shyness puts him off?" I couldn't believe what was happening!
We'd finished our meal and started heading towards the ice arena when we bumped into one of Natalie's mates. We told him how nervous we were and that we were about to go and meet Jake Walker for the first time. He was so sweet, he reassured me that Jake was a nice guy and that we'd have a great time (I think he knew him through football or something). I took a massive sigh of relief, but my belly was still filled with butterflies.
We go to the fountain (where we had planned to meet up) but there was no sign, so we decided to take a very slow walk through the shops opposite. I was shaking. I had never been this nervous before. I got a text as we got to the back of the store, saying that he was there, asking where we were. This was it ...I was finally going to meet him. It took us five minutes to get to the front of the shop -the people behind us must have been getting so frustrated as we took fairy steps the whole way through.
He was stood there on the opposite side of the fountain, with his back to us. It was just like the scene in Titanic where Jack was stood, suited and booted by the stairs waiting for Rose. Although I'm sure Rose wasn't as nervous as I was. 
Walking to the ice arena was so awkward. No one spoke. Natalie had asked a few questions, like if Jake had ever skated before but apart from that it was silent. I can remember standing in the queue for the hire skates while Natalie was waiting on the bench. She was looking over at me, telling me to talk but I was far too nearvous. Ice skating was the perfect place for a first date -the music was that loud that awkward silences were never truly silent and if I had said something stupid, he probably wouldn't have heard it anyway. 
The date was going great. Natalie had skated off on her own while Jake and I trailed behind holding hands. We were both as bad as each other. It was perfect ...until half of my year turned up. There was about ten of the most popular kids from school. I wad so scared that Jake was going to leave me to go and skate with them. We skated around a few more times before getting off to say hello. I kept a tight grasp of Jakes hand, terrified that he was going to go off with one of the other girls. We stood talking for a while before going back on the ice. Throughout the whole date, he hadn't let go of my hand once. It was so cute. 
Jake gave us both a lift home. Natalie first, then me. We had arrived outside house -the time had come ...was there going to be a kiss or would it just be another awkward moment? I was so nervous. He pulled up, turn the engine off and turned to face me. My heart was beating so fast. He leaned over to say thankyou with a goodbye kiss. It was probably the most awkward first kiss, but who cares? ...I just kissed Jake Walker!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Through the lens | Warwick Castle

So this weekend we have travelled down to London to stay with my Uncle. We decided to break the journey up by meeting them half way at a local castle then travelling up to theirs that afternoon. Here are a few snaps I took as we explored the ruins of the lovely, historic building.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Star crossed lovers | Our first Valentines Day

Until now, Valentines Day was just another day. But not anymore actually meant something. It was a day for celebrating your love with that one person you were going to spend the rest of your life with. Showing them off to he world. And that's what he did. Jake spoilt me. 
I was rushing around making sure everything was perfect. I had got Jake a mini canvas and a mug filled with the love heart sweets that each had their own messages. I thought it was perfect. There was one problem though. Jake doesn't like sweets.  It was only a few months ago that he told me that it was actually Jordi that ate the mug full of sweets. I was mortified. How did I not know that he didn't like them. I hadn't even considered them as 'sweets'. Now not only did Jake not get the sweets I'd got but he couldn't use the mug was contaminated. I am such an awful girlfriend.
Needles to say, Jake's plans for Valentines Day were much better. He had originally told me that he hadn't got me anything because he couldn't afford it and that he felt terrible. I was half expecting him to turn up with something anyway but he was true to his word and hadn't got me anything. When we got to his, I was greeting with the sound of music. I could hear Celine Dion, 'My heart will go on' playing in the background. Titanic was our favourite film so I guess this had become "our song". As I walked upstairs to try and find where it was coming from Jake put his hands over my eyes and walked me into his bedroom. It was gorgeous. He had laid rose petals on the floor, making a love heart with my initials in the middle (later I discovered that Jordi had helped with that bit as Jake's attempt was terrible, but it's the thought that counts). On his bed sat a huge me to you bear, a box and a massive bunch of roses (minus the one that was scattered on the floor of course). As I looked closer I noticed that around the teddy's neck was a piece of ribbon acting as a necklace with a pandora charm threaded through. I was over the moon. It was perfect.